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      /__/\      /  /::\   
      \__\:\    /  /:/\:\  
      /  /::\  /  /:/  \:\ 
   __/  /:/\/ /__/:/ \__\:\
  /__/\/:/~~  \  \:\ /  /:/
  \  \::/      \  \:\  /:/ 
   \  \:\       \  \:\/:/  
    \__\/        \  \::/   

BCANCI - Bla Certifies Applicant Not Complete Ignoramus

Certification in ITSEC is a bit of a joke, from people certifying ethics, to unethically priced programs.

The programs' courses may be a tool to boost the morale of employees, but we argue that certifications are little more than glitter on a resume.

If you like glitter, but haven't had an uncreative employer who just read a book on management techniques. We have you covered. Introducing:



A certificate that states that you are not a complete ignoramus with regards to at least one topic in itsec. The assessment may be based on performance in the io wargame. It takes the form of a 2048 bit number, which can be entered below to view the personalised message. It is the responsibility of applicant to present this number in a nice layout.

About us

Bla is a complete poser whose most significant claim to fame is featuring in an infosuck comic. While offering support for our wargames, we are often pressed to recommend a certification program. We choose to point to this joke certification rather than repeatedly conveying our cynicism towards the more established programs.


We provide this certification program with absolutely no guarantee. Not even the implied guarantee of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Use this information at your own risk.