ricky (PPP)

X-N2O was here

a wild skier_ was here

yolo! - htr

yolo! - htr

k b w a s h e r e

zaphod was here too (3/2013); thanks skier_ and bla

Xor0X was here (28/3/2013). Thanks for the amazing wargame bla, it has taught me a lot!

r1cky was here, nice level :D

chief just pwned /proc/haxable

noname was here (1367674756)

oubriq was here (2013-05-23)

Scilicet made it, wow what a great experience!!

adrian5 was here

dotdot was here =)

doom - RPISEC

Someone from Kivenlahti was here, Oct 13th, 2013. Thanks for the great game, pity it is over now :-(

gbr was here.

Thanks for the great learning experience! - loco
good times //rebel

daehee was here. this level is cool enough! thank you bla

ishraq was here (1/1/2014) awesome way to start the year! thanks

@iagox86 was here (2014-01-17) - a year after starting

d1ma was here

Heads up!. Fz was here

simo36 was here for fun and pleasure was here
horned_pony 2014/03/18 - Li6kaKi3wuoG3GeupB9HN347++Ok5auRnvd1uiQTwK8=

immerse 30/3/14 ~ great level, learned a lot!

nsr made it finally. Thanks so much, learned a lot here

reipr made it here




a1exdandy was here

timpwn came back after a couple of years off to finally finish this one :) 2016-02-02

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xw was here.


zooey 04/13/2018

brnby was here Sun 26 Aug 11:01:19 UTC 2018

yte 26 dec 2018. thanks bla, great challenge

Papa was here...

level31@io:~$ DuSu
I overcame the dark side of the pwn.

rainbow finally got here 25.01.2022