brainsmoke says hi from ccccamp2011

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htr sais high ;PppP

clanger was here, thanks bla for this level
hi from zaphod (Sun Oct 23 01:51:52 CEST 2011)

hey hey //rebel

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blasty was here 20111214 -- y1p33k4yj4y!@#$%^ It was a fun ride guys .. thanks to all involved! :) (hi bla)

skier_ was h3r3 after launching DAT ASSPLOIT, thanks to bla et al for all awesome levels, greetz to DE EINDBAZEN

timpwn finally got it working, 20120204. This was huge amounts of fun, thanks for all the great levels!

asd is here, greetings from Tartu

toby is here. thanks bla and all the level authors for the great wargame.

narhen diddit, yet another nice level. Thanks for all the awesomeness

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iZsh was here, but where's my cookie now? :o)

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MisterJyu was here on August 14, 2012 - Thanks IO for the excellent challenges

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gijs was here. 20120923. Finally found some time to solve the last level

daehee was here! thanks to bla for great knowledge!

Heads up!. Fz was here

ricky (PPP)

Chief was here. Ty bla for this amazing wargame

r1cky was here, awesome level. Thank you so much bla, learned a lot :D 20121031

Scilicet made it!! Thanks Bla!!





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