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zaphod had fun solving it (Sun Jun 27 19:23:31 UTC 2010)

fun level //kali

level28 messed with my mind, but nice level!, did need all 25 tho gijs

clanger was here for fun and pleasure

IO@SMS is definitely cool --xichzo

insert witty tag here //rebel

Greets from bashrc

nelhage was here, 2011-04-06. Used all 25, only *needed* 11...

jipe was here, 2011-05-24


brainsmoke was here 20110716

overxor is here. nice level

skier_ was here after using every single byte available

phew, at last. blasty was here .. c0ld b33rz to brainsmoke and skier

had me crunching for a while... nice level ~X-N2O

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p1ra is here.

mayfly74 was here. thanks a lot, bla.

daehee was here. really hard one!

Heads up!. Fz was here

Scilicet made it! very nice level!

----======[M (needed 18)]======----

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<\br>woa, waiting for new entropy all day is exhausting - nsr<\br>
reipr made it





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