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Lars is a very cool guy, i'm gonna miss him when i go back home masc was here.

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A real refreshment after all the PITA (reversing) levels. I was quite amazed to see it was _that_ easy, but you get bonus points for being realistic bla. --fiction

yeah i should have been clearer on this being beta, it was not intended to be this easyy I we may make this an _alt level like level2_alt and look for a replacement here --bla

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abc Question about Security/Exploitation :

silly, B.

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Tintamar got it :-) interesting level

++Uranix // Intel guys are lame

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that was extremely easy ;(

~ X-N2O

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narhen did it


timpwn is having fun :)

The computer is much more intelligent than the person behind the keyboard. I do what it tells me to. Thu Oct 13 05:42:53 UTC 2011 skier_ big hecker was here

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sneaky -bayes


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echo '

Solved by BadEIP

' >> daehee was here. good one. :)
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Fri Jun 28 22:06:35 MSK 2013


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level25@io:~$ DuSu
yet another damn fine puzzle

Preju broke it

tagging the final ones ... zooey 04/06/2018

relaxing one for a change :) martin

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