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fiction passed the XOR madness!

-Jeez, bla. Why you gotta be mean like that? =)

yadgor finally made it :)

LysergicBliss made it...bla, that was ridiculous.
zaphod was here too (Wed Nov 4 16:50:40 CET 2009)

bla makes fun levels, B.

Tintamar has finaly made it :), fun level anyway

ugh //rebel

++Uranix //Another great level

ugh, hard one - h0yt3r

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blasty was here -- 20110214, thanks bla

Thanks, bla! -- dion

zet loved it:)
Coolest level so far - narhen

brainsmoke says hi!

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sprzeni was here Always take the red pill. Or is the blue pill? Take both. No regrets. No fear. Leave each day with a sense of accomplishment. Do not listen to others. Follow your heart, and your inner voices. I do. Sat Oct 8 18:46:36 UTC 2011

That was fun. ~Bayes

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Heads up!. Fz was here

Solved by BadEIP

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Tue Jan 22 03:18:13 MSK 2013
Scilicet ^XORed^ level19, very cool

~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+- sutupud ~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-

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Sat May 25 00:20:57 MSK 2013 ----======[M]======---- //// Plupp had fun. Thank you bla! //// simo36 did it
mm hmm

reipr humbly passed the threshold
nsr was here Mawekl ;> immerse thoroughly enjoyed this one - 01/14
horned_poney was here. Had lots of fun.

idosch went full retard for a moment
dupa.8 Tue Sep 2 15:45:49 BST 2014 Noxr - 1413766987

itszn is not sure if he did it the intended way

BitK solved it whithout xoring anything

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level19 was good fun
- maurice 25.02.14

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level20@io:~$ DuSu
Oh boy ^^

Retr0id was here. Great level!
Sun 16 Jul 21:21:04 BST 2017


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Preju broke it

brnby was here ingrix wuz hur haha yes rainbow was here 20211020