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Powersurge. - Loved this level, once I figured it out! =)

I learned something new :D. KOrUPt.

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tintamar is lame ! :)
zaphod was here (Sat Oct 31 12:55:42 CET 2009)
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Chronosphear strikes again - I'm on a roll. woo\!


took me some time to "realize" it :D, another great chall Scrouaf - h0yt3r


dunamis finally made it :-)

++Uranix //cool level

xx|X was here // 19.07.2010

I kept smashing my head against the wrong place(s) until someone pused me away. --iab+jlr--

Samsa - nice level! but strcmp confuses me... greetz@mayuka,me0wt3r,n0p

blasty was here -- 20110125

zet was puzzled here ... jiva[disekt] brainsmoke says hi\! Lemon Squeezy
great level :) ~X-N2O Tom was here
great fun -jim Tis a new day, and the day cometh to light our path and give us divine intervention to solve that which we have not yet solved before. Amen. Sun Oct 2 20:37:30 UTC 2011 Bayes[disekt]
nice level :) ~qnix Dr.Death Was Here p1ra was here. skier_ big hecker was here bobby was here
   _/_/_/      _/_/_/  _/_/_/      _/_/    _/    _/_/      _/_/    _/_/_/    
  _/    _/  _/    _/  _/    _/  _/    _/  _/  _/_/_/_/  _/    _/  _/    _/   
 _/    _/  _/    _/  _/    _/  _/    _/  _/  _/        _/    _/  _/    _/   
_/    _/    _/_/_/  _/_/_/      _/_/    _/    _/_/_/    _/_/    _/    _/  
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Solved by BadEIP

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v01d was here. Simple level but when you see the solution

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Scilicet made it to sweet 16! that was a quicky ;-) Tue Jan 15 00:33:30 MSK 2013

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~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+- sutupud ~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-

landon that took me way too long.. -immerse \nHidden was here\n Hidden was here mdube was here
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doskop was here yay, tkr getting close to beating half of the challenges liquido <-> 2014-05-07

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dupa.8 Tue Aug 26 11:08:06 BST 2014

itszn did it

<\!--why are you looking at this?-->
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maurice finally made it, thx to jvoisin

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [CeSeNA] alem0lars, LMolr, jake --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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fun level :) - csd

level16@io:~$ DuSu
had fnu @ level15

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dtctd Retr0id was here, this level almost drove me insane with its simplicity! jcrack3r was here! ingrix wuz hur. thanks to dec for some good conversation about it
benjcksn was here 5/10/17 - interesting level, was missing just the tiniest detail...

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Preju broke it

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haha yes