Solved in 2 hours - daniel

[bla] congrats daniel. Have fun with it. greetings.

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Nice level. --fiction



Nice puzzel Bla :D, took me a few hours to solve :P. ~KOrUPt.
KDSBest Solved after alot of hints - Phasip

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bla: excellent level once again >:)

Atlast! //Aphelion (2009-08-17)

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**WINDAK** solved it. Special thanks to Chronosphear and nice challenge again, blah ;)

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narhen solved it. Thanks to smokinchimp

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Larry (HackXCrack) was here! Nice level. This one don't "f*#k with my brain" - 26/04/2011

jiva[disekt] Awesome level! ~X-N2O skier_ big hecker was here

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nSinus enjoyed this lvl. thx bla and greetz to Tzelathiel<3 - welcome here. :D Thx Bla for this level ! And your helpful help ! (pe) pwned by iPhwn Thu Jan 12 04:53:58 UTC 2012

Preju broke it

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Solved by BadEIP

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Scilicet survived level12! (Mon Apr 23 08:53:56 UTC 2012)
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Androsa :)

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BAcha na Hukany!

DoktorUnicorn solved this level. I've always wanted to try out this attack, and now that I have it seems slightly less cool but still neat.

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gimmeamilk.. awesome test

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it took burger over a year...
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Naota solved.

dupa.8 Fri Aug 22 15:35:09 BST 2014
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LMolr for anesec

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level13@io:~$ DuSu
Master bla's mind created bla's mastermind challenge

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR                                tttt                                  000000000       iiii              d::::::d
R::::::::::::::::R                            ttt:::t                                00:::::::::00    i::::i             d::::::d
R::::::RRRRRR:::::R                           t:::::t                              00:::::::::::::00   iiii              d::::::d
RR:::::R     R:::::R                          t:::::t                             0:::::::000:::::::0                    d:::::d 
  R::::R     R:::::R    eeeeeeeeeeee    ttttttt:::::ttttttt   rrrrr   rrrrrrrrr   0::::::0   0::::::0iiiiiii     ddddddddd:::::d 
  R::::R     R:::::R  ee::::::::::::ee  t:::::::::::::::::t   r::::rrr:::::::::r  0:::::0     0:::::0i:::::i   dd::::::::::::::d 
  R::::RRRRRR:::::R  e::::::eeeee:::::eet:::::::::::::::::t   r:::::::::::::::::r 0:::::0     0:::::0 i::::i  d::::::::::::::::d 
  R:::::::::::::RR  e::::::e     e:::::etttttt:::::::tttttt   rr::::::rrrrr::::::r0:::::0 000 0:::::0 i::::i d:::::::ddddd:::::d 
  R::::RRRRRR:::::R e:::::::eeeee::::::e      t:::::t          r:::::r     r:::::r0:::::0 000 0:::::0 i::::i d::::::d    d:::::d 
  R::::R     R:::::Re:::::::::::::::::e       t:::::t          r:::::r     rrrrrrr0:::::0     0:::::0 i::::i d:::::d     d:::::d 
  R::::R     R:::::Re::::::eeeeeeeeeee        t:::::t          r:::::r            0:::::0     0:::::0 i::::i d:::::d     d:::::d 
  R::::R     R:::::Re:::::::e                 t:::::t    ttttttr:::::r            0::::::0   0::::::0 i::::i d:::::d     d:::::d 
RR:::::R     R:::::Re::::::::e                t::::::tttt:::::tr:::::r            0:::::::000:::::::0i::::::id::::::ddddd::::::dd
R::::::R     R:::::R e::::::::eeeeeeee        tt::::::::::::::tr:::::r             00:::::::::::::00 i::::::i d:::::::::::::::::d
R::::::R     R:::::R  ee:::::::::::::e          tt:::::::::::ttr:::::r               00:::::::::00   i::::::i  d:::::::::ddd::::d
RRRRRRRR     RRRRRRR    eeeeeeeeeeeeee            ttttttttttt  rrrrrrr                 000000000     iiiiiiii   ddddddddd   ddddd

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~tryger [02/12/2018] haha yes cool one!

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I need to sleep(43200) after that one - Virusspec ^ 3/9/2024